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so i put together a couple of sites and links that are pretty helpful for studying, school etc, :) all the links are free and work and are all pretty useful so enjoyyyyy   - ellie x
chill playlist
concentration playlist
study playlist
coffee shop blues
studying/school help
maths help
calculators (includes graphing, geometric, stats etc)
microsoft word equivalent
coffee shop sounds
how to study guide
essay structure guide
help in a ton of subjects
calm/nature sounds
download free books
maths knowledge site
tips for a productive study break
falling asleep tips
how to google
how to wake up in the morning
improve your studying skills
teaches anything
thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
cheap & healthy snacks
quick and easy soup recipes
chocolate muffin in a mug tutorial
study snacks
40 on-the-go breakfast recipes
macaroni cheese / mac&cheese in a cup
stress relief
yoga poses
how long to nap
go to a quiet place
the thoughts room
take a guided relaxation
compliments generator 
take a few minutes break
cute videos
free hugs!
fun sites masterpost
earn a cute kitten picture after writing
how to get motivated





I just want to say that this is why minority representation in the media matters. Mae Jemison was inspired to become an astronaut after watching Nichelle Nichols as Uhura on Star Trek. 

Media is NEVER “just” media.

She also appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that LeVar Burton directed, and Nichelle Nichols visited her on set. :)

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Funny, how some distance makes everything seem small.

Up here in the cold, thin air, I finally can breathe.

I know I left a life behind, but Im too relieved to grieve. 


"It would do you well to respect your elders, child." 


"It would do you well to respect your elders, child." 





Members of Congress are living off food stamps for a week to protest Republican cuts. It’s a challenge for them, but GOP cuts would hurt millions of everyday Americans

Why does this not have more publicity. This needs it!

Signal boosting this A) because it deserves to be seen by more people, and b) because I appreciate some members of Congress are actually willing to see what it’s like living on food stamps in order to make their point about how horrifying cutting food stamps would be.

News flash, regressives: people on food stamps do not load up on Snickers bars and filet mignon. They’re limited in what they can buy, and oftentimes, it’s not enough to get by on. Go on thinking these are entitlements that let minorities live lives of luxury, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll never go hungry.

You privileged, elitist pricks.


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Un concepto de Elsa como hombre, quería que se mirará varonil y como un rey y ese fue el resultado al que di. 

Disculpen el trazo descuidado. 

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Petra Pan, the Girl who wouldn’t grow up : a masterpost

Hi guys ! I know an old Petra Pan masterpost exists somewhere, but it’s actually not mine, it’s reposted, so if you could just… not reblog it and maybe reblog / like this one instead, it would be super nice and super cool of you :3 ! The other one has like…. 87k of notes so it’s really cool to know that so many of you liked my art, but it’s not even credited so I didn’t know it was so popular before a friend of mine showed it to me ?

Besides, this one really has the full series -with Ms. Flee and the lost girls included- and I would be really happy if they could get the love they deserve !

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